Model of Organizational Structure

December 24, 2019 | By Jonny | Filed in: Strategic Management.

A Model of Organizational Structure gives a clear and concise overview of the function of an organization. This will allow you to build and design an organization that meets the requirements of the Company. The Model of Organizational Structure can be considered as the guiding force to have the goal and direction in your thoughts.

A Model of Organizational Structure can be found in many business magazines and publications. If you are interested in conducting your own research then it is advised that you choose a popular publication such as “The Journal of Business”Manual of Business Management”. For business owners, the Handbook of Business Management can also be used. All these publications can provide a great source of information to help you create your own model.

There are five stages in creating a Model of Organizational Structure. These five stages are generally designed for organizing a company but there are many other situations where they can be used.

A. Identify the Role of each section of the organization. A.O.S: Establish who each section is supposed to do and what its purpose should be.

B. Organize the different activities to achieve the vision. B.O.S: Develop the design of activities.

C. Define the levels of management. C.O.S: Define the organizational role of each level of management.

D. Write out the history of the company and the various stages of development. D.O.S: Develop a pattern of organization development.

E. Decide on the organizational hierarchy. E.O.S: Define the organizational hierarchy and provide structure for the organization.

F. Maintain the model of organizational structure. F.O.S: Keep up with the organizational model.

G. Make changes to the organization to keep it on track. G.O.S: Maintain the status quo of the organization.

A Model of Organizational Structure is a useful tool in successfully establishing an organization. A good organizational model will provide the organizational structure that will work well for the Company.

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