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Macbeth and Lady Macbeths diabolical plan is to kill Duncan so that he will fulfill the witches second prophecy. Discuss the ways that Shakespeare presents female characters in Macbeth.

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However the turning point was when Macbeth murdered King Duncan.

Lady macbeth essay plan. Lady Macbeth is one of the main reasons for Macbeths downfall because it was her that convinced Macbeth to follow her plan to kill her king she used his ambition and she also questioned Macbeths manhood to ultimately reach her personal goal and both Macbeths and her goal to reach the highest possible power obtainable by a person. Her command directed towards the spirits is a showcase of the extent of power that she believes she has. In this extract Lady Macbeth seems determined and ambitious and not like women should have been in the 1606 when the play was written.

There is an essay about this here. The Relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth At the start of the play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are seen as a united couple. It is Macbeths responsibility and role.

Lady Macbeth eventually commits suicide so the conflict is unresolved. Tension is created as while Lady Macbeth is asleep she imagines blood on her hands saying Out damned spot and reveals her and Macbeths guilt to her hand maiden and the doctor. Rahul Uploaded on.

She is loving yet very determined that her husband will be king. She fulfills her role among the nobility and is well respected like Macbeth. Lady Macbeths ambition can be seen straight away in Act 1 by her extravagant speeches with detailed imagery commanding her elaborate plan.

Lady Macbeth Character Analysis Essay 838 Words 4 Pages. Two printable essay plans for Macbeth by William Shakespeare that can be adapted to suit your classes. The first key moment where we see what Lady Macbeth will be like in the rest of the play is in Act 1 scene 5 when she gets the letter from Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth Essay Plan. Works Cited Shakespeare William. This article contains a mock essay written by one of my students.

This role reversal is a common theme in many of Shakespeares dramas. Shakespeares Macbeth is a tale of the fight between mens instinct and their love for hierarchical order. 5 2 customer reviews.

They appear to have no secrets from one another and seem to the audience as though they are equal. In the beginning Lady Macbeth was the one who was ambitious and authoritative meanwhile Macbeth felt guilt and uncertainty. Lady Macbeth We all first get introduced to the menacing and ruthless Lady Macbeth in Scene 5 of Act 1 of her reading a letter from her husband Macbeth discussing his meeting with the three witches.

Macbeths quest for power increases and so does his wifes. Character Analysis Lady Macbeth can be said to be one of Shakespeares most famous and frightening female characters. Shows that Macbeth has given up by the end.

Theme of Ambition in Macbeth Essay – Ambition fills a man with eagerness. Once it is discovered in ones mind it demands to be acted upon. Yes this is a good point but Lady Macbeth is guilty for more than just persuading Macbeth to commit the crime of murdering Duncan.

When I met him he was scoring a 3 to 4 in his mock GSCE English language and literature exams. This image of Lady Macbeth being a powerful force in the relationship spurring on her husband can be seen in Act 1 scene 7 when she taunts Macbeth about his masculinity in order to get him to act as she pleases to further her ambitious career. Lady Macbeth starts the play as a strong woman who can get anyone to do her bidding spirits and her husband included.

Life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. When the couple Macbeth and Lady Macbeth discover from a prophecy that Macbeth would one day rule the land of Scotland the two did everything in power to make sure this would come true. Macbeth carried out this plan.

Secondly Lady Macbeth had to do with some of the actions of the murders such as her framing Duncans attendants. The letter is very important. Start studying Essay Plan – Lady Macbeth and Macbeth Relationship.

Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. Sample Gcse Essay About Lady Macbeth As A Powerful Character. The couple devised a plan to murder Duncan the current king of Scotland.

Knowing Macbeth too well she knows exactly where to hit to get Macbeth to carry out her wishes. Either way Lady Macbeth is never supposed to kill Duncan. However an alternative reason could be that she wants Macbeth to rise in power but Macbeth needs Lady Macbeth to push him.

Macbeth who had a weak heart made him the perfect pawn in Lady Macbeths plan. Explore the varying interpretations that audiences might have. These clock-style essay plans work for all exam boards and they incorporate all of the key events that occur with in the play of Macbeth.

First she is guilty because she made an outright killing machine out of Macbeth. Lady Macbeth seems more ambitious and she uses the influence she has on him to get him to the throne. The supernatural is a prominent theme in Macbeth and Shakespeare immediately ensures that there is a connection with Lady Macbeth and evil by linking her to the supernatural.

She hatches a plan to kill the king to enable Macbeth ascend the throne. Macbeth and Lady Macbeths relationship is an intricate one in which they ironically exchange roles throughout the play. My dearest partner of greatness – this is what Macbeth calls his wife – partner signifying equality and greatness suggesting standing.

Lady Macbeth as a Strong Woman.

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