Fast Food Essay Introduction

As usually there are proponents and opponents of such a convenience food. INTRODUCTION Fast food can be defined as any food that contributes little or no nutrient value to the diet but instead provides excess calories and fat.

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Fast food is a type of food that is prepared and served within a few minutes.

Fast food essay introduction. The first fast food restaurant was developed in America 1948. Lastly fast food restaurants provide us food with food content that gives us very little nutritious content. People tends to eat a lot of fast foods.

The health risks that come from eating so much fast food are life-threatening. In conclusion it can be said that fast food has been born out of the modern way of living in our societies. Of course this so-called street food has its advantages and disadvantages.

Fast foods are filled with harmful carbohydrates fats and cholesterol that cause more cholesterol to be absorbed in the body and can also lead to heart ailments and heart attacks. Fast food is made from a lot of high saturated fats and. Today there is a fast food restaurant just about on every corner.

Fast foods are high in sugar and calories which causes excessive weight gain. They use very cheap ingredients which make fast food contain high amounts of sodium cholesterol fat and calories which can cause certain diseases like obesity high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Nowadays there are millions of fast food restaurants in the world that offers their costumers plenty of different meals with a special price.

The fast food industry has changed in the past 90 years. Although fast food industry provides products and services to almost every country of the world the current essay about fast food will provide data on the prevalence of junk food only in the United States. Economy is affected because the fast food is cheaper than healthy food.

Teenagers consume fast food more fanatically including snacks like chips fries pizzas samosas burgers ice-cream shakes and a lot more variety of fast foods. Some are stuck on fast foods unable to prepare proper foods in their houses. While proponents and opponents on each side of the debate point to key reasons for their positions fast foods are generally unhealthy and unfit for humans.

Some users of fast food have experienced cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. He points out that the post-war era was ideal for the growth of the industry. Fast food also has an effect on the income of the family.

Today many young people are obese making them less productive in the society. Restaurants are always thinking of new ideas. The first fast food restaurant was developed in America 1948.

Trying to be successful. Franchising throughout the United States and some even in different countries. Fast food is defined as easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away.

Restaurants are competing against each other to be the best. Fast food is now recognized globally generating an annual revenue of 570 billion. You should write yours so that it differs from others.

Others dread such foods citing health consequences linked with the high salt and calorie content of such foods. Ive been teached that fast foods are very harmful for us that can cause cancer and heart disease. Additionally fast foods replace healthy eating habits individuals who eat fast foods are unlikely to eat vegetables fruits and milk.

People who intake fast food as a part of their diet or in form of snacks can be found to face depression. But my family dont eat it too much because we know it is harmful for our health. Unfortunately the effects it has on the human body and health are not positive.

Schlosser tells us how fast food restaurants began to join the mainstream following the Second World War. A fast food essay introduction is of the utmost importance for your essay about fast food. Fast foods have serious effects on our health.

In many schools in the US junk food is a part of the menu that any child can eat daily which is also worth mentioning in a fast food in America essay. Most of the people eat fast foods even they know its not good for our health. Fast food is defined as easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away.

It is very convenient to buy it when you are busy and want to eat on the move running to the important meeting. Those who ate fast foods were found to eat less fiber non-starchy vegetables and fruits. A research conducted by Pediatrics established that on any given day 303 of children between the age of four to nineteen eat from fast foods Gulum and Serpil 45.

Fast Food Nation opens with an introduction into the history of fast food restaurants. While in Mumbai India fast food is already totally prohibited for from selling in schools and next to their territories. Obesity can come from eating fast food thats bought often.

You are expected to attract the readers attention with some information that isnt known to everyone. There are many articles about the harm of the fast food today. This alteration in eating habits may easily result to obesity.

The conclusion is that fast food is more expensive than the food you cook for yourself. Fast food is now recognized globally generating an annual revenue of 570 billion. The current fast food argumentative essay will focus on the American nation as a target population.

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