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Get Your Custom Essay on Pakistan Culture just from 139 page. The Punjabis Sindhis Phustun Bolouch Kashmiris Biltistani Mahajir etc.

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Essay On Pakistan Culture.

Essay on pakistani culture. People of Pakistani showcase their identity as Muslims through that women wear veil and Burga and men wear pajamas and grow bears. Cultures revolve around the ideas and skills of a group or society. 1881 Words 8 Pages.

In Pakistan Culture of Pakistan is Islamic but Pakistan also has their cultural etiquette based generally on South Asias influence like as British. Pakistan also has several deserts in Punjab and Sind. It is the integrated pattern of human knowledge belief and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and.

Also in America a women can go to a doctors visit alone or with another women. Pakistan has four provinces named Punjab sindh Baluchistan and N. Its very existence is due to Islam so the Pakistani culture is primarily based on the Islamic way of life.

Islam in Pakistan set the code of ethics for the cultural life of Pakistan. Guests will find their hosts to be polite and friendly. The Pakistani people are called as Muslims.

Pakistani culture Islamic culture Pakistani culture is the unique pattern of belief ideas values highly influenced by religion of Islam. Most of the Pakistani culture is also influenced by Indian Western European culture because they have lived in subcontinent together for a long time and that is why we the. Pakistani culture is highlighted by its grandeur simplicity firm convictions and noble deeds and ideas.

Pakistani culture is rich in music from folk singing to pop music. In Pakistan the many cultures of different tribes blend to form a unified nation. Skip to write a the gurmukhi alphabet in the best score start chat to help.

Pakistani culture gives regulations to men also than any other cultures in the world. Short essay on Pakistani Culture. Agriculture is the main employer of the labour force which employs over 43 of the work force.

In the north leading from China through Tammu and Kashmir is a famous ancient silk road. Do your friends and an effect on india. Pakistan is also home to Taxila the oldest known university in the world.

In America men and women can see the same doctor whether he or she is male or female. Pakistan has produced gem poets in history. Islamic heritage has great impact on Pakistani culture.

In northern Pakistan there exists the Dardic Wakhi and Burusho communities the west comprises of the Baluch and the Pakhtoon in eastern Pakistan there are the Muhajir and the Makarani communities and lastly. Culture is the uniqueness of a specific group of people defined by the whole thing from language religion food and social habits. There are over 15 major ethnic groups in Pakistan which differ in physical features historical bloodlines customs dress food and music.

The culture of Pakistan includes various different cultures and societies of different ethnic backgrounds. Pakistan is predominantly a rural society where over 655 of population lives in the rural areas. Pakistan is an ideological Islamic State.

Now live performance on august 18 ma at least tentatively 2016 one of department where they feel naked. FP and each province has its own culture. The Pakistani culture have a very delicate belief on the health care industry.

The word culture is derived from a French term which in turn derives from the Latin colere which means to tend to the earth and grow or cultivation. Afghan music is also common in northern areas. Pakistan has many subcultures as it the museum of different races.

3000 – pakistan including the role of perks and all about cultures. Culture of Pakistan is rich and vibrant. PAKISTANI CULTURE IS A ISLAMIC CULTURE.

These Pakistani cultures have been greatly influenced by many of the surrounding countries cultures such as the Turkic people Persian Afghan and Indians of South Asia Central Asia and the Middle East. Pakistani cultures influence the lives of citizens and tourists by providing memories they will cherish forever. Paragraph on Culture of Pakistan.

The culture and social norms of Pakistan are defined by the agrarian nature of society. In Pakistan women can only see women doctors or nurses and men can only be cared for by other men. Pakistani culture consist of different cultures starting from Punjabis and Sindhis to the tribal areas where people belong different cultures live together with their own traditions and customs.

The Pakistani culture is dominated by Islamic tradition and heritage. Culture and History Exploratory Essay Pakistan officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a large culturally diverse country located at the crossroads of the strategically significant expanses of South Asia Central Asia and Western Asia and borders Afghanistan and Iran in the western corridor India in the eastern corridor and China in the far northeast Page et al 6. All other ingredients of culture are inspired by Islam.

Pakistani people are playing a vital role in the presentation development and promotion of Pakistani culture. Pakistani culture is a mixture of numerous culturesand etonic groups. Pakistan essay december 16 india.

Thanks to its historical geographical and ethnic diversity Pakistans culture is a melting pot of Indian Persian Afghan Central Asian South Asian and Western Asian influences. Pakistanis also traditional music. Culture and heritage of Pakistan reflects the extra ordinary skill and devotion of Pakistani people.

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