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Love marriage and death. Researchers claim that married people are happier and less depressed if comparing to the unmarried ones.

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What may come across as a healthy and loving relationship can be and most likely is riddled with challenges and struggles.

Essay on love marriage. Many married couples are often asked Why did you two finally decide to get married. It takes time and comes from the heart. Also love is true and contain many wonderful emotions and feelings that are involved in a love marriage.

Iago was pure evil that showed through his behaviour and his ability of manipulating others and we cant forget that he. Though love marriages still do not enjoy the same respect and position in the society as arranged marriages parents are becoming thoughtful of their childrens feelings. The biggest reason for opposing a love marriage is caste or religion difference.

Published by Deadline Essay on February 2 2021. Brown 2nd Paragraph Even so romantic love is a poor basis for marriage. Good 0 average 0 bad 0 total score.

It is not something that just happens from time to time. As a good marriage is something that should be created by two loving people. Brown 2nd Paragraph Even so romantic love is a poor basis for marriage.

Argumentative Essay On Love Based Marriage 2021 Words 9 Pages. Meshari Hassan A Alshehri. In this marriage boys and girls know each other well and like each other.

This is because people are skeptical in marrying their kids in an alien cultural setting. ENG 101 Romantic Love and Marriage Love for the opposite sex has always been a controlling factor for mankind. Essay On Love Marriage And Death In Othello.

They also live in happiness and peace because they had chosen each other from the beginning. Consequently when the passion ends so does the marriage. The special thing about these weddings is that the boy and Girls has mutual understanding.

The feelings between a man and a woman who show an interest to each other can create a real mutual love even when the interest takes the disguised form of some benefit. Many times it happens that family members are not happy with this marriage. Marriage itself is a beautiful commitment between two people that love each other deeply.

The primary shortcoming of arranged marriage is as basic as it can get- without knowing a person beforehand or being forced to inculcate favourable feelings for a stranger it is practically impossible to attain emotional and physical compatibility. Many times lust is mistaken for love. Many married couples are often asked Why did you two finally decide to get married A question that is answered over seventy-five percent of the.

Mallard locks herself in her room to cry after receiving the sad news of the sudden demise of her husband. Love provides happiness and well-being to a. Entering into marriage for the wrong reason usually leads to divorce.

The girl begins to have problems with living and understanding with a new and stranger family. On one hand love marriages grants the opportunity to choose the partner but the responsibility of choosing the right person is also laid on the shoulders of the couple only. The number one cause for divorce is that people are getting into marriage for the wrong reasons like marrying for money or children and being forced in an arranged marriage.

Both know each other well but there is little interaction between their families. She mourns the loss of his husband bitterly for a while before. 1459 Words 6 Pages.

While in western societies only two people can become married other societies permit polygamy which means marrying more than one spouse. In an arranged marriage it is not impossible for the bride groom or both to have no say in the decision. Shakespeare play Othello revolved around these 3 beside the central character Iago who had important role in causing this tragedy.

Marriage is a union between two people which is officially recognized by society. ENG 101 Romantic Love and Marriage Love for the opposite sex has always been a controlling factor for mankind. In Shakespeares day love was still an insignificant factor when it came to marriage.

Finally love marriage is better than an arranged marriage because it promotes free will. Every culture and religion has various values that are associated with marriage. Love based marriage strengthen the institution of marriage.

My essay on love marriage and arranged marriage will describe these types of marriages. Love marriage has simple terms with no economic demands. Shakespeare often revealed the culture and society of his day and how it was changing within his plays.

Sometimes an individual will say that he or she married for money or he or she may claim to have married for love. If it is your choice not your parents why not. Essay Example on Love Marriage People supporting the concept of love marriage strongly believe that it is very important to know the partner before marrying himher.

At first I start with love marriages. For the most part marriages were arranged by families as a sort of business deal or if the families were important enough a political alliance. In arranged marriages the burden and responsibility of choosing the right person is shared by elders of the family.

No one cant force two people to love each other instantly. Love Marriage essays Many people in our society believe in love marriage because this type of marriage is based on understanding between the two parts and the settlement in their family. However if analysed in the context of a longer run love marriage seems to be a clear winner for numerous reasons which shall be later discussed in this essay.

On the other hand people who believe in solemnizing the wedding with the permission of parents and relatives think that arranged marriages are long lasting.

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