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The last earthquake of such magnitude took place on Haiti in 1751. The shaking and trembling of the surface of the earth is referred to as an earthquake.

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The property damage is estimated in 56 billion euro.

Essay earthquake. Earthquake intensity is a measure of the effects of an earthquake at a particular place. Earthquake is a trembling movement that happens on the Earths. 250 words essay on earthquake.

Students can find more English Essay Writing Topics Ideas Easy Tips to Write Essay Writing and many more. When the Earths tectonic plates glide over one another it creates seismic waves. These earthquakes occur in very remote places and its aftereffects are nearly imperceptible.

500 Words Essay on Earthquake. Heavy loss to both lives and property are usually recorded when an earthquake occurs. From a geological perspective earthquakes Magnitude 2 and smaller occur several hundred times a day worldwide.

It is a sudden trembling of the surface of the Earth. Some Earthquakes are weak in nature and probably go unnoticed. The deaths occurred due to lack of infrastructure and warning of the earthquake and its 59 aftershocks.

Essay On Haiti Earthquake. Earthquake essay 500 words. Earthquake Essay 300 Words.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes floods typhoons and hurricanes inflict serious damage and so seem to be bad for the economy. This occurred due to a transform movement between the Caribbean and North American plates Magnitude 70 – HAITI REGION nd. It shows the fragility of mankind against nature.

Simply speaking Earthquake means the shaking of the Earths surface. Our planet has been affected by many strong earthquakes of different magnitude which has led to the loss of many innocent people and caused great damage to property. It educates the students about what an earthquake is and its repercussions.

When two rocks suddenly move against each other an energy drive is generated in the form of waves causing the trembling of the earth. It is a natural disaster because it happens naturally. Short Essay on Earthquake in English – Earthquake is when the ground beneath us starts shaking.

In your Haiti earthquake essay you should mention that it happened in 200 and had magnitude of 7. The earthquakes sometimes wipe out towns and cities entail great loss of human life animals property etc. Earthquakes And Earthquakes Essay 1854 Words 8 Pages.

An earthquake is a natural disaster that causes mass destruction and there is no way to prevent it from happening. This leads to mountain building referred to as orogeny which is the cause of severe earthquakes. On human beings as buildings bridges roads dams factories railway lines etc get collapsed.

An Earthquake is described to be a terrifying and shocking phenomenon that takes place on Earth. A number of causes have been assigned to cause disequilibrium or isostatic imbalance in the earths crust such as volcanic eruptions faulting and folding up-warping and down-warping gaseous expansion and contraction inside the earth hydrostatic pressure of man. Earthquakes are caused mainly due to disequilibrium in any part of the crust of the earth.

Six years ago the country of Haiti was high by earthquake that killed thousands. Cause And Effect Essay On Earthquakes Earthquake nd They are the vibrations that occur when the rocks on the crust of the earth move under stressful conditions. Earthquake Essay is an important topic for students to learn about.

Read full Essay Sample for free. Long Essay on Earthquake 500 Words. Furthermore Earthquakes can cause huge damage to life and property.

Earthquakes And Earthquakes Essay 1854 Words 8 Pages. Earthquakes are considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters as they cause great damage to life and property. Perfectly designed steel framed or reinforced.

It is a major natural disorder that causes trembling of the Earths surface. To build earthquake-resisting structure it is very essential to determine the probable intensity and magnitude in the concerned area. Though it lasts for just a few seconds but has the potential to cause massive damage to the place.

Essay on the Intensity of Earthquakes and their Scales. An Earthquake is made up of two words- earth and quake. Thus the tectonic plates that lie under the surface of Earth are responsible for this natural calamity.

Earthquakes occur when the tectonic plates shift and climb over one another. The history and record of previous earthquake and the knowledge of geology of the area are helpful in this connection. Sometimes the earthquakes have low intensity and thus go unnoticed while some are quite violent and disastrous.

It is determined from observations of the earthquakes effects on people structures and the earths surface. Long Essay on Earthquake in India Essay 5 600 words Introduction. 222 thousand people were killed and 311 thousand people were injured.

Earthquakes certainly are a terrible natural disaster. Earthquakes And Earthquakes Essay 1854 Words 8 Pages.

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