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Initial study of industrial ecology reveals that cycle economy is the big source to make contribution to sustainable development of economy. Given below are two essays in English for students and children about the topic of E-Waste in both long and short form.

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For instance in a report that was released by Ghana E-Waste Country Assessment in 2011 there was about 215000 tons of electronics which were imported in this nation para 6.

E waste essay. Electronic waste poses threats to the health of individuals as well as ecosystems around the world and is an issue that continues to grow at a rapid pace. The way technology is continuously progressing and the social drivers that. The first essay is a long essay on E-Waste of 400-500 words.

Monitors and televisions cannot be put into landfills because of their lead content. Waste Management Essay 1 200 words Waste management is the overall process of collection transportation treatment and discarding of waste products sewage and garbage. In the electronic driven world with very fast changing technology the electronic goods are discarded every couple of years.

Short Essay on E-waste E-waste is the waste that is formed by the disposal of electronic goods. Electronic equipment such as mobile phones computers and televisions consist of hazardous materials which pollute the environment and impact on humans health. Advancement in technology changes in fashion style and status nearing the end of their useful life.

They include mobile phones laptops tablet computers television refrigerators and batteries among other things. Toxic and possibly carcinogenic substances are released into the air soil and ground water. E-Waste The Dark Side of Moores Law We should celebrate the great bounty Moores Law and the tech industry bestow on our livesCosts fall workers become more productive innovations flourish and we gorge at a buffet of digital entertainment that includes music movies and games.

E-Waste is the term used to describe old end-of-life or discarded products. The second essay is a short essay on E-Waste of 150-200 words. Long Essay on E-Waste 500 Words in English.

Electronic wastes or e-wastes include all home and business electronic appliances such as televisions monitors computers audio and stereo equipment fax and copy machines cellular phones video cameras etc that are no longer wanted. It is a subject of matter for politicians and business developers as countries across the globe generate a million tonnes of e-waste every year. Computer and equipment purchase done in a life cycle.

Such toxic elements may be harmful to the schools population. These included 30 percent of new products while 70 percent were used products. The processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems due to lack of containment as do unprotected landfilling due to leaching and incineration.

It consists of all waste from electronic and electrical appliances which have reached their end-of-life period or are no longer fit for their original intended use and are destined for recovery recycling or disposal. Besides gold and silver e-waste can yield quantities of platinum silicon cadmium nickel copper lead and iron during recycling. These are suitable for students and children in class 6 and below.

Electronic waste or e-waste constitutes the electronic products that have become unwanted or reached the end of their usable life cycle. Therefore there are several recommended disposal mechanisms. E-Waste is a loose category of surplus obsolete broken or discarded electrical or electronic devices.

This long essay about E-Waste is suitable for students of class 7 8 9 and 10 and also for competitive exam aspirants. Electronic waste popularly known as e-waste can be defined as electronic equipmentsproducts connects with power plug batteries which have become obsolete due to. The Growing Concern Detrimental to our environment and a growing concern of the 21st century.

The growth in new electronic products needs new large resources and E-waste is increasing the inputs into local stream flows. E-Waste contains toxic elements that may be harmful to the environment if crushed burned or disposed at landfills. It also includes other legal monitoring recycling and regulating activities.

E-waste is a generic term encompassing various forms of electrical and electronic equipment that may be old might have reached end-of-life and most importantly cease to be of any value to their present owners and it has been identified as one of the fastest growing waste steams. E-waste is a big challenge in 21st century. E-waste in this essay can be defined The Importance Of Waste And Waste Management.

E-waste or electronic waste means electrical and electronic equipment which is not suitable for use and fills the dumps. Other electronic equipment also contains heavy metals including mercury arsenic cadmium among others. Once the precious metals are extracted the rest mostly plastics are burnt or dumped near residential areas.

According to a research done by the United Nations in 2012 AP 2013 states there were 499 million metric tonnes of electronic waste produced globally that year and estimated to reach 654 million metric tonnes in 2017.

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