Cruelty Towards Animals Essay

Medical Sciences was exposed by the Media. Here is your paragraph on Cruelty to Animals.

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More narrowly it can be harm for specific gain such as killing animals for food or for their fur.

Cruelty towards animals essay. Chimpanzees for instance mentally note favours and repay them. God created all living creatures on earth with the same feelings. One major type of animal cruelty is torture.

Some people do not see a problem with hurting them. Cruelty To Animals Essay At first glance it appears that no one except a sadist would say that they are in favor of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty simply means cruel unwarranted treatment of animals.

Animal cruelty often leads to painful life and painful death of the creatures. Humans are a threat to each other and animals. The Cruelty To Animals Essay is an insight into the cruelty that animals suffer and what solutions can be adopted At the top of the list is a kind of government-sponsored cruelty that is evident from the sorry state of our zoos where animals are kept in cramped cages some of which stink so badly that you cant get the strength to look at the animals more closely.

He states that animals cannot feel nor do they think of pain as humans do. The torture and cruelty these dumb animals have to go through wheel research is being carried out on them is a well known fact. Alone each breeding upwards of 200 dogs a year.

We torture them in labs and supposable humane areas. And an elephants sense of compassion can extend to creatures beyond their own kind. 10 Lines on Cruelty to Animals Essay in English.

Animal cruelty is a punishable offence but it is exclusive. Such cruelty letting them suffer in pain sends a shiver through the spine. Animal Cruelty There are many cruel things that people are doing to hurt and neglect animals.

Okay I shall begin by uncovering the Part One horror of cruelty against animals. SLIDE 2 Cruelty or abuse against animals is the infliction of suffering upon animals other than humans for purposes other than self-defence. Animal cruelty happens because there are individuals who see animals as not deserving of respect as sentient beings.

But when we look more closely at how our society is structured from industrial factory farming to the use of animals in testing on various products from medicine to cosmetic our society is one that is. This is called animal cruelty and animal cruelty is when someone harms an animal or does not care for that animal responsibly such as not giving a cat or dog food or water and not providing them with veterinary care. While our society seems to have reached its peace with exploiting and harshly slaughtering the animals for satisfaction of human needs and whims in reality cruelty against animals in inhumane because people are naturally empathetic towards animals major religious condemn animal cruelty and because tolerating animal cruelty actually makes us less sympathetic towards fellow human beings.

Is the same for all. There are anti cruelty laws yet people ignore them just to hurt the animals. The purpose of this essay is to showcase the cruelties animals face before slaughter.

This gives the question of animal cruelty a new dimension. According to Brendan ONeill it is foolish to be anything but believing that humans are at the top of the food chain. Different companies test on different animals products that need to be experimented on before being approved to be safe for human consumption.

Animals are loyal to humans yet we humans abuse them. Only recent the plight of animals that are used for research in the prestigious All India. There are an estimated 10000 puppy mills in the US.

Animal cruelty is the abuse toward or neglect of an animal. Some aspects of animal cruelty involve purposefully putting animals in situations that harm scare and terrorize them while others simply result from people looking the other way. Mahatma Gandhi said The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

One such rapidly growing concept is animal cruelty. However since animals and plants do not speak we humans abuse them to such a great extent that if they could respond back we would have suffered much more. She is certainly not against eating meat because she never claims so in the article.

The authors stance is serious and informative. The author wants audiences to realize what harm animals must endure prior to being served on their plates. Animal Cruelty Almesha Jones Mesha Introduction and Background All around the world people are abusing animals.

5 million warm-blooded animals are tortured daily in labs around the world for human projects or research. The debate over wearing fur is just a fashion trend or whether it is cruelty towards animals is never ending. Animal cruelty is a big deal because some people do not look at animals as being important.

Cruelty to animals is the poor and violent treatment towards them. Poachers in the jungles hunt wild animals for money and for the fun of it. A big issue issue on animal abuse is animal cruelty towards dogs.

In conclusion cruelty towards animals is absolutely horrible and actions should be taken by us to stop these inhumane acts. The feeling of pain happiness anger depression etc. Animal Cruelty Towards Animals 741 Words 3 Pages.

Moreover Consumers Should educate themselves about this important fact that most companies are cruel to animals. Therefore they mustnt purchase products that tests on animals but use cruelty-free products instead. One crime that still fools people is the puppy mill.

Cruelty towards animals is carried out in veiled methods that lead to the killing of animals. Such treatment generally has a single point program to subject animals and sometimes pets to unnecessary harm and pain.

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