Ethical issues in Accounting and Finance

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Accounting and Finance are known for the ethical issues that come up. Is the concept of ethical standards and acceptable in this industry. I think so, but in the present the many ethical issues in accounting and finance are too prevalent to overlook. An alternative to those mentioned is a critique of work ethics. For • Read More »

Introduction to Business Ethics

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The Concept of Integrity has been introduced in Business Ethics. It focuses on a set of values and attitudes and the way people deal with their business and personal lives. In modern corporations and the laws of most countries, it is required by law that companies implement integrity management practices in their dealings. It is • Read More »

Group Influence on Consumer Behavior

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A recent study suggests that you can use social group influence to alter consumer behavior. I call it influence because it comes from within the group; it is not a trick of the marketing firm or even of the marketer. Group Influences, like those I am discussing, are also commonly called “tribal leadership” and include • Read More »

Warehouse Management System

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The warehouse management system is a computer-based software that allows any retail business to manage all its inventory. With this system, the product-line of every company is managed, inventory can be tracked in real time, and the costs of all stocks are calculated. Through the WMS, business owners will be able to manage inventory, inventory • Read More »

External Business Environment Analysis

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The External Business Environment Analysis (EBA) is an in-depth analysis of the internal and external business environment. It provides an insight into the operation of a business and its strategies. There are two areas of analysis: internal and external. While the internal part is basically concerned with the business practices of the organization, the external • Read More »

Analysis of Dell Computers

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Analysis of Dell Computers is possible by examining all that they offer. If you do not have a computer to use at home, and are at the office, a computer desk is essential. A desktop computer desk is a good idea, as a laptop can work in the home and office, but a desktop can • Read More »

Modes of Entry Into International Business

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Each country has its own modes of entry into international business. The countries have diverse means of entry into international business. But each country has advantages and disadvantages in its mode of entry into international business. The following are the points that point out the advantages and disadvantages in each of the countries’ mode of • Read More »

Marketing Research and Process

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As a professional in Marketing you are bound to hear terms such as marketing research, marketing practice, and even strategies. In this article we will take a brief look at each one of these terms and how they relate to your marketing process. We’ll discuss why it is important to have a strong research process • Read More »

Father of Modern Management Theory

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Henri Fayol – In his book, What is Management? Managing People Deming describes how you can bring about change by using an Integral Theory of Value. An Integral Theory of Value is an integrated approach to value creation by using a series of theories. In the United States, businesses are primarily regulated by an American • Read More »

Major Schools of Management Thought

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What are the major schools of management thought and how do they differ? Management theory, like all philosophy, involves theories and issues that have been formulated over time. Theory has different lines of communication that are trying to get across to different individuals and groups. What is the view that a group should take towards • Read More »