Model of Organizational Structure

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A Model of Organizational Structure gives a clear and concise overview of the function of an organization. This will allow you to build and design an organization that meets the requirements of the Company. The Model of Organizational Structure can be considered as the guiding force to have the goal and direction in your thoughts. • Read More »

Indian Capital Market

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The Indian Capital Market is a highly dynamic sector. A number of companies and firms are present in the domestic capital market and a number of activities have been conducted in this sector. The issue of capital market in India, however, is not as favorable as other countries. Even the Indian market has not been • Read More »

Players in Financial Markets

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A majority of the Internet users are familiar with the term’s Financial Market players, Stock Market players, Money Lenders, Share Market Players, and now, the Money Market Players. As a whole, Money Market players are the people who help the investors to make their transactions in the trading of stocks, shares, and currency. These people • Read More »

Introduction to Financial Instruments

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You might not be able to follow a Financial Intercourse with the Basic of Financial Instruments, but you can be an Engineer who understands how the market works. A lot of people believe that such Financial Intercourse will help them earn more money. It’s the same if you want to earn money from buying a • Read More »

Types of Business Entities

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A business entity is an independent legal entity for conducting business. A business entity may be a corporation, a partnership, or an association. It is different from a person, an estate, a trust, or a bank. The courts have held that business entities can sue and be sued by their owners and also from other • Read More »

Ethical issues in Accounting and Finance

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Accounting and Finance are known for the ethical issues that come up. Is the concept of ethical standards and acceptable in this industry. I think so, but in the present the many ethical issues in accounting and finance are too prevalent to overlook. An alternative to those mentioned is a critique of work ethics. For • Read More »

Introduction to Business Ethics

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The Concept of Integrity has been introduced in Business Ethics. It focuses on a set of values and attitudes and the way people deal with their business and personal lives. In modern corporations and the laws of most countries, it is required by law that companies implement integrity management practices in their dealings. It is • Read More »

Group Influence on Consumer Behavior

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A recent study suggests that you can use social group influence to alter consumer behavior. I call it influence because it comes from within the group; it is not a trick of the marketing firm or even of the marketer. Group Influences, like those I am discussing, are also commonly called “tribal leadership” and include • Read More »

Warehouse Management System

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The warehouse management system is a computer-based software that allows any retail business to manage all its inventory. With this system, the product-line of every company is managed, inventory can be tracked in real time, and the costs of all stocks are calculated. Through the WMS, business owners will be able to manage inventory, inventory • Read More »